My mom turned 80 years old this summer. She has a long tradition of going on an adventure of some sort to celebrate her birthday. This year, each of her kids plans to adventure with her.

3 generations enjoy hiking together

Adventure with the help of a friend we met on our first hike on the Appalachian Trail

With 3 hikers, we could carry the extra weight mom can no longer carry. She now uses a day pack.

How did she get her trail name? Because she carries bubble wrap rather than an inflatable sleeping pad! She says it is lighter than any other option… (Just don’t use the big bubbles–she discovered they pop when laid on!)

Mom has been day-hiking with my sister. But she was happy to sleep in a shelter one more time.

She handled steep climbs

and crossing streams on tippity log bridges

Mom can handle strong exertion…she just monitors her heart rate, eats snacks to keep up her energy

and takes rests as needed…sometimes sitting…sometimes wishing she could take a little catnap!

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