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Perks for Donors—Reward Levels Join the “Forest” of Jill’s Supporters!

$7 – Acorn      Jill loves the number 7. She adores her 7 kids. She has owned 7 rescue-dogs over the years. And she would love to tell you about her 7 favorite adventure locations. (You can read about them HERE.) When you donate $7, Jill will love YOU! She will give you a shout out and a high-five (high-seven?!) on The Big Epic Facebook page.

$17 – Root System     This donation level will make your in-box happy! Receive an email each day for 7 days sharing an easy, enjoyable way to connect with nature. (Includes all perks from previous levels)

$27 – Tender Shoot     Make your computer or face-book page sing for joy! Donors at this level receive a digital photo to use as your home-screen wallpaper (a singing tree) or as a Facebook header (sunlight in the woods). (Includes all perks from previous levels)

$37 – Seedling      Peaceful contemplation is yours at this donation level! Choose to receive a 7 minute digital video of the sights and sounds of Jill’s favorite local waterfall and flowing streams. Or choose to receive a handwritten affirmation on an original 5”x7” photo notecard suitable for framing. (Includes all perks from previous levels)

$57 – Sapling       Share your story with the world! (or at least with all of Jill’s blog readers…) Donors at this level have their personal story about the healing power of Nature highlighted in a post on The Big Epic blog. (One high quality photograph can be included, if desired.) (Includes all perks from previous levels)

In addition, each donation at this (and higher) levels receives one (1) entry ticket for a drawing to have your personalized “Tiny-Me” Lego figure join Jill and Daughter on their next Appalachian Trail Backpacking Adventure (including a follow-up blog post similar to this one you can read HERE ) Drawing will occur on May 7, 2018.

$107 – Mature Tree (Limit 7)      Add Nature’s beauty to your home or office with a (6”x6”) original painting of a mountain or forest scene (artist’s choice). (Includes all perks from previous levels)

$307 – Majestic Giant (Limit 1)     Go to the Forest Therapy Guide Training week with Jill in September! Okay, Okay…she will actually wear a T-shirt at the training with your name or organization printed on it as a thank you for your support to get her there. Photos of Jill wearing your T-shirt during training activities will be posted on The Big Epic facebook page, as well. (Includes all perks from previous levels)


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