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Spring in the Mountains

It is spring in the mountains. There is only a mist of green on the trees at higher elevations. We miss the bright glowing colors of fall leaves…but are enjoying the treasure hunt to find wildflowers blooming on the forest floor.

We know the first three: buttercup, lily of the valley, and lady slipper. We will look up the rest when we get home.

Spring Flowers_buttercups

Spring flowers_lily of the valley

Spring flowers_lady slipper

Spring flowers_red

Spring flowers_white

Spring flowers_pale purple

Spring flowers_purple flowers

Spring flowers_pink


  1. Hi lovely, dear friend! So glad you get to enjoy so much beauty! Hugs to both you and Anna! Love you, Sharon

    • jecolorfulheart

      May 3, 2016 at 10:45 am

      Love you, too, fellow beauty-seeker. We are finding lots of hearts. Can’t wait to share the photos worth you when we get home!

  2. I love wildflowers in the mountains. You are inspiring. Thx for letting me peek into your adventure!

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