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sloth companion taking meds with ice cream
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LATEST UPDATE: Thursday, May 13, 2021 — I got home yesterday evening–having not eaten supper and behind on pain meds. Once I ate a little, took the anti-nausea pill, waited a little, then took the pain pill, I crashed in my own bed for the night. Ahhhhhh! Had a quiet day today with a music therapy appt via video, naps, a bit of reading, and being in close contact with “Velcro Dog” who was so obviously completely ignored while I was gone. HA! I actually ate a decent size dinner (I haven’t had much appetite recently), am updating this page, and then will likely shower and go to bed. Isn’t my life thrillingly exciting?!

Mistaken Trigger Warning!! Palliative Care is for anyone with a chronic or a long-recovery disease or accident. Palliative Care oversees treatment for ALL side effects and symptoms, coordinates care, and helps me fully live the best I can even while in treatments. Hospice is one particular type of palliative care which is to make the patient comfortable at the end of life. Please help others understand this crucial difference! Don’t panic when I say I’m excited to finally be connected with palliative care.

While in the hospital the past few days, I had a consult with the Palliative Care team. They got rid of my mishmash of different types of pain killers and put me on ONE, more effective one. To continue working with them as part of my team, I needed a new-patient visit which can take a few weeks to schedule. But… YAY! I have an appointment with them tomorrow morning. And in the afternoon, I am having surgery to insert a “port” so the nurses won’t have to dig around in my arms to find a vein each time I need lab work or another infusion for chemotherapy.

Wednesday, May 12, 2021 — (recreated from texts) The MRI was finally done Tuesday afternoon. “No news” is that we still have no specific cause for the sudden back pain. “Good news”–the sudden back pain is NOT a metastasis, a bone fractures, or a herniated disk pressing on spinal cord. One possibility is that as chemo is causing changes in my abdomen (and hopefully in the tumors!) that something has inflamed a nerve at the L5 level. The pain/palliative (symptom control specialists) team has changed my pain meds so an extra day is needed to make sure this new regimen is working well for me. IF the various specialists agree, I “should” be going home later today. Fingers crossed!!

If you have missed any past updates, you can look through all of the previous mini updates on an archive page found HERE.


History: In mid-February I discovered that the chronic cancer (uterine Leiomyosarcoma or uLMS) I was first diagnosed with in December 2018 has returned again. Unlike its recurrence in December 2019 when I was quickly scheduled for major abdominal surgery to remove the three tumors, this time surgery is not an option. There is one larger tumor (bigger than a baseball), a few smaller ones, and multiple little ones which are unlikely to be fully removed with surgery. This time, we must find a medication that is effective in slowing the growth and even shrinking the current tumors. Read a much longer post HERE sharing the back story to what I’m currently facing.

(THANK YOU for following with me on this cancer journey! I appreciate every comment, encouragement, prayer, good wishes, and other types of support. I can’t imagine doing this alone…)